This three-module course is designed for you, the artist. Each year, galleries receive submissions from more artists than they could ever hope to represent. With so many artists seeking representation, Shanan saw the need to take what she knows about transitioning into the professional art world and share it with artists. This series focuses on how you can make your passion your profession, while at the same time guarding your creativity.

Recorded live with a limited number of attendees and various guest speakers, each module consists of four sessions with a Question & Answer portion. Once the live portions are completed, the modules will be available for DIY instruction and implementation. Enrollment in any of the modules gives you the opportunity to join a private Facebook community with other artists like yourself to encourage support and networking. Worksheets for personal analysis and planning are available for download.

Module One - Self-Analysis & Initial Steps

Self-guided enrollment is now available. Registration for live participation has closed.
  • Part One
    The Benefits of Having Gallery Representation

    Defining the Artist-Gallery Relationship and what a good gallery does for its artists. Dispelling misconceptions and defining expectations.

  • Part Two
    Are YOU Ready? Is Your ART Ready?

    A self-evaluation covering several areas of your life and their influence on you and your work.
    Guest: S.C. Mummert, Artist

  • Part Three
    Finding the Right Gallery, The Best Fit

    Aligning your thought process and actions as you make your vision a reality.
    Guest: Rose Fredrick, Curator, Writer, Art Director

  • Part Four
    Becoming a Full-Time Professional Artist

    Focusing on making yourself “discoverable,” while maintaining your unique voice.
    Guest: Maura Allen, Artist

Module Two - Implementation & Follow Through

Module Three - Maintenance & Upkeep


  • How much does it cost?

    Only $150 for each four-part module.

  • How do I attend?

    Once you register, you will be granted access to one class at a time over a four week period. Upon completion of all four classes, you will have unlimited access to the videos.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Yes! Once enrolled, you will be able to post your questions in the private Facebook group.


Definitely for you if:
• You want to turn your art into your profession

• You’re feeling stuck in your journey to success as a professional artist

• You’re ready to hear “we’d love to represent you”
Definitely not for you if:
• You’re looking for a quick fix

• You’re not ready to commit to making your wish to obtain gallery representation a reality

• You’d rather keep your art as a hobby and not turn it into a profession